About new horizon coffee:

New Horizon Coffee Co. is a roast-to-order, independently-owned coffee company. We personally roast our coffee beans in Dallas, Texas and ship them directly to your door. All blends are available at whole-bean or ground. At New Horizon Coffee Co., we pride ourselves in roasting and serving high quality, fresh coffee to our costumers.

Rosie discovered her passion for roasting beans as a teenager when one of her friends in Wisconsin gifted her with a bag of un-roasted green beans. As she continued to experiment and roast different beans from different regions, she discovered that she preferred the organic beans from South/Central America. Their organic farms seem to produce the finest coffee that provides a balanced and clean mouthfeel that exhibits a slight sweetness in the flavor.

Rosie was eager to provide people with great and rich quality fresh roasted coffee, but also wanted to combine her roasting skills with her passion of helping and serving her community in Dallas by giving it a purpose that would help victims of human trafficking, so she created her own company, New Horizon Coffee.

At New Horizon, our mission is to help and empower victims of human trafficking. Texas has ranked 2nd in reported cases of human trafficking and although, Texas has a full range of criminal laws against the sexual exploitation, minors and victims usually face prosecution for prostitution and lack funds for their recovery or treatment process. We plan to donate 10% of every purchase to help victims of human trafficking to local organizations.