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The journey that launched New Horizon Coffee

by Rosie Luciano August 05, 2021

The journey that launched New Horizon Coffee

I started roasting coffee as hobby in my apartment kitchen. I was getting tired of Starbucks always messing up my coffee order and giving me burnt tasting coffee, so I started to roast small batches of Ethiopian green coffee beans that my friend had given me from his family farm. I burnt the first few batches but after a while, I started to perfect the roast level. I was amazed by what I had just roasted. The taste, aroma, and flavor of the bean was amazing! I literally felt like my mouth was in heaven. 

New Horizon Coffee launched in 2019 when I decided that I wanted to put my skills into raising money for victims of human trafficking. I was in college studying social work at the University of North Texas when I learned about human trafficking and the lack of resources for victims. I didn't know that human trafficking existed in the United States or that it was a huge problem, especially in Texas. As I kept reading further into it and doing more research, I started to get sad and mad, mostly mad because the victims weren't getting as much help as they should. I felt like the lack of resources for the victims was due to not many people being aware about the issue, so I started to talk to about it. I started to talk about it through my coffee company. People started to listen and they told their friends and their friends told their friends and so on. My coffee company then had a following and people started supporting it and purchasing from me. As the company grew, I teamed up with amazing people, and started roasting more coffee. 

I was happy that people were becoming more aware of the issue and even reaching out to learn more. I was also happy that people were really enjoying my coffee and that some became loyal customers. In all, I am glad that together we can make a difference, one cup of coffee at a time. Our mission is to fuel a greater purpose! Start out your morning with freshly roasted coffee -it will make your day a lot brighter! 

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @newhorizoncoffee to stay tuned. 

Happy brewing!

New Horizon Coffee

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