Pura Vida Light Roast

Pura Vida Light Roast


Roast: Light Roast (12oz)

Origin: Costa Rica

Taste: Costa Rica coffee beans provide a clean, sweet and mild acidity taste when they are roasted as a light roast. They give off a honey and citrus flavor with a fruity aroma.

Best Brewing Methods: Drip coffee & Pour Over

Product Description:

  • This light roast is as sweet as the meaning behind it. It is named after the most commonly used phrase in Costa Rica meaning “pure life” which is used as a greeting, farewell and a way to express gratitude.

  • Beans are grown in volcanic soil at a high elevation in cool climates.

  • Hand-roasted daily by a popcorn popper.

  • Available in whole bean or ground.

  • 10% will be donated to local non-profits in Dallas, TX to help victims of human trafficking.

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