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Hi, I'm Rosie.
This is my coffee.



Coffee, for some people (aka me), it’s more than a drink. It’s a way to connect and share moments.

Coffee has been a huge part of my life and routine. So much, that I want to share it with the world, but done in a way that I feel is right.

Coffee tastes better when it’s made responsibly and ethically. That’s why at New Horizon Coffee Company, we’re committed to only sharing high quality coffee that’s been sustainably sourced and made. So you can enjoy every sip, slurp, and spill in the knowledge that what you’re drinking isn’t just addictively delicious - but also fair trade and organic. 



New Horizon Coffee Company was founded by Rosie Luciano, a human trafficking activist. Rosie studied social work and criminal justice at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX. Through her studies, she learned about the ugly topic, and how unfair the justice system is to the victims. The lack of resources for the victims is what motivated Rosie to start a coffee company that served a purpose. 

Through coffee, Rosie is telling a story, bringing awareness, and creating new opportunities for people within the global coffee community -- from the farmers to consumers.

Join our movement and start YOUR day off on a positive note.