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Better than anticipated!

Ok.... So I'm the type of guy who thinks that all coffee taste the same.. I've had my fair share of different brands and flavors of coffee.

After trying the medium roast.. I immediately tasted the chocolate and honey. I got hooked on the medium roast. Usually, I drink my coffee with Milk mixed in but with this medium roast.. It tastes better dark. My wife is also a fan of this medium roast. Thank you for bringing this coffee in to our lives!

Absolutely delicious!

I bought this a couple of months ago and It smelled sooooo good when it was delivered to me and it still does. The taste is just as great! Not only do I love this coffee but the mission behind it is so needed in this world. I love what this company stands for and you have my full support! Thank you for your passion and I look forward to seeing your journey.


It’s delicious and smooth

Great coffee!

I loved everything about the medium roast coffee, it had a fruity taste to it, as soon as i started brewing it my whole house smelled like coffee❤ I would definitely be buying again!

Fruity & Well Balanced

A proper medium roast should be well balanced when it comes to its body and acidity, and that is exactly what you get with this Guatemalan roast. From the moment I opened the bag the smell of the coffee, with its fruity top notes but yet freshly roasted base notes, allured to the quality of the bag I had just purchased.
Upon brewing and tasting, the claims of small batch roasting made by New Horizon Coffee as well as the smell of the bag lived up to their promise. It is unique in its quality, due to its small batch roasting process, and I slightly prefer it more over other medium roasts such as Pike Place, since I get the sense that the acidity is toned down a little more to my liking in this roast.
The description mentions that there is a pear note in the composition of the roast, but to me it came more like a fruity- berry mix, but that might have just been my interpretation of the taste.