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Single Origin: Single Origin coffee ensures you’re getting what you pay for - and nothing you don’t want in your coffee. Each bag is filled with beans from the same farm, the same plant, and the same roast profile.

Shade Grown: For the best-tasting coffee, you don’t want the sun beating down on the beans harming the natural maturation and rich, complex flavor. Only 2% of the world’s coffee is shade-grown. With shade-grown coffee, no pesticides are needed. You deserve natural, unharmed, pure coffee.

Stomach Friendly: One of the biggest complaints about coffee is the digestive discomfort from some brews. You probably know all about it yourself… the heartburn, indigestion, bathroom trips, and more. 

Now, a lot of that discomfort has to do with the acid in your stomach.

With New Horizon Coffee, we guarantee it won’t bother your stomach! There’s nothing inside that can trigger excess stomach acid or affect digestion.

Pure, Clean Ingredients: You’re getting the cleanest coffee available directly from the highest quality farms located in a nationally-protected area of Central America. The coffee is then carefully roasted according to exact specifications to produce delicious, low-acid coffee you’ll love.


Based on 23 reviews
Excellent Coffee

Not only did I enjoy the coffee my whole family was delighted with the great quality of coffee I was delivered. I would recommend to my friends and family and would be likely to purchase again. I feel like I got my money's worth.


This coffee is delicious and my favorite one. Highly recommend it.

Amazing Flavor

This coffee is AMAZING! It is rich and chocolatey complimented with delicious hazelnut. You can't go wrong with this one!

Limited Edition Gingerbread Cookie Coffee
Gingerbread Cookie Coffee

This coffee was exactly what I needed to warm me up this winter season in Michigan. An absolutely delicious blend that I didn’t even need to add sugar or cream to! In addition to the tasty fresh flavor, it also warmed my soul to know that I am supporting such an amazing cause, definitely a great gift for the coffee lovers in your life too! The personalized touch with the smiley face under the handwritten roasting date really brightened my day.

Absolutely delicious

I chose this coffee due to the unexpected combination of flavors, and I was pleasantly impressed! It's smooth, delicious, and truly does have notes of caramel. Amazing scent too (I kept stealing whiffs even through the bag). Props for the biodegradable packaging! Now I understand why this product is described as rare but premium / popular, because I loved this Costa Rican medium roast. And on a personal note, I'm proud to support a company that's working to improve our world - I will definitely be purchasing again

Brazil Espresso Dark Roast
Mitchell White
Gave this one a try!

Never tried a Brazilian and do not typically drink expresso, but decided to try it- certainly helped me wake up, and it is clear the coffee is of very high quality! This specific roast was a little strong for my taste, so I needed to dilute it with some cream, but I really enjoyed trying it out and it certainly was not a failure of the coffee, but a question of roast preference. I really appreciate the cause and am hoping to try something a little milder next! That being said, if strong expressos are your thing, I suggest this roast highly.

Limited Edition Gingerbread Cookie Coffee
Athena Fisher
Gingerbread Cookie Coffee

Very good sweet coffee.

Currently a big fan of the chocolate hazelnut coffee!

Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon Medium Roast
Marcos Silva
Better than anticipated!

Ok.... So I'm the type of guy who thinks that all coffee taste the same.. I've had my fair share of different brands and flavors of coffee.

After trying the medium roast.. I immediately tasted the chocolate and honey. I got hooked on the medium roast. Usually, I drink my coffee with Milk mixed in but with this medium roast.. It tastes better dark. My wife is also a fan of this medium roast. Thank you for bringing this coffee in to our lives!

Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon Medium Roast
Absolutely delicious!

I bought this a couple of months ago and It smelled sooooo good when it was delivered to me and it still does. The taste is just as great! Not only do I love this coffee but the mission behind it is so needed in this world. I love what this company stands for and you have my full support! Thank you for your passion and I look forward to seeing your journey.

Awesome Roast

This coffee is amazing and roasted well! Buy this order! It was also delivered promptly. I make espressos at home with my Breville and also lattes so I'm particular about the beans I use. The company is small and new, but they know what they're doing and I'll support local anytime!

Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon Medium Roast
Racheal Holt

It’s delicious and smooth

Another Great Offering from the House

My favorite roast since I started religiously drinking coffee (which was several years ago) has always been dark roast, and I’m happy to say this lives up there with some of my favorite dark roasts from other brands!
However, this being a smaller coffee house, the small batch roasting provides a sense of uniqueness and individuality to each batch that just makes you realize how much attention to detail is placed into roasting the beans. I have purchased two dark roasts at different times, and unlike the other big brands that provide coffee through mass roasting and packaging, there are in fact discrepancies between each of the two dark roast batches, which is not a bad thing by any means, it just makes you appreciate the human aspect of Each of the roasts.

Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon Medium Roast
Odalis Zumaya
Great coffee!

I loved everything about the medium roast coffee, it had a fruity taste to it, as soon as i started brewing it my whole house smelled like coffee❤ I would definitely be buying again!

Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon Medium Roast
Sergio Aragon
Fruity & Well Balanced

A proper medium roast should be well balanced when it comes to its body and acidity, and that is exactly what you get with this Guatemalan roast. From the moment I opened the bag the smell of the coffee, with its fruity top notes but yet freshly roasted base notes, allured to the quality of the bag I had just purchased.
Upon brewing and tasting, the claims of small batch roasting made by New Horizon Coffee as well as the smell of the bag lived up to their promise. It is unique in its quality, due to its small batch roasting process, and I slightly prefer it more over other medium roasts such as Pike Place, since I get the sense that the acidity is toned down a little more to my liking in this roast.
The description mentions that there is a pear note in the composition of the roast, but to me it came more like a fruity- berry mix, but that might have just been my interpretation of the taste.

Favorite dark roast!!

This has to be my absolute favorite dark roast! It is super smooth and flavorful and an awesome way to kick start your morning!

Adam Dreier
Unbelievable coffee at an unbeatable price

All of these coffees are good, and this trio deal is an amazing value. My favorite is the medium roast. Make no mistake, this is VERY GOOD COFFEE!! Thank you for all you do to support the community and for the delicious coffee New Horizon!

Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon Medium Roast
Adam Dreier
My brother loves this

I don't drink coffee, but I bought this for my brother and he loves it. He already ordered a second bag. Highy recommend if you care about good quality and good tasting coffee!

Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon Medium Roast

Local flavorful beans, perfectly roasted and fresh they did not taste as most old bitter beans do. Makes it all the better knowing you’re supporting a good cause. Would definitely buy again!

Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon Medium Roast

Loved my coffee I got!
So much different flavors than the usual ones I use to get off the shelf. I shared some and I wish I kept it all! I can’t wait to try more!

Colombia French Dark Roast
Alexis McPherson
Awesome coffee for cold brew

This roast is killer for cold brew. It is indeed a fruity chocolatey kind of coffee which, in my opinion, is exactly what does it for the brew. Low acid content makes for a smooth ride first thing in the morning without sacrificing flavor. Always a positive aspect to also support a local Dallas business! Plus in the time of COVID it's pretty darn sweet to be able to easily place an order for delivery.

Costa Rica La Manita Tarrazu RFA Light Roast
Eric Mason

This light roast was some of the best coffee I have ever had. Very aromatic and tasty!

Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon Medium Roast
Luis Esquivel
Better than Starbucks

I love the medium roast it has become a big part of my life I love the bold rich flavor I really recommend it